Grayscale beauty


Instead of using any color I decided to use gray color for this wreath. I used Prisma Alcohol Markers.

I never tried this medium before, It was fun to experience various mediums. They works quite differently than watercolor. You have to work very quick otherwise it will leave some marks or strokes.

Hope you too like this gray color wreath 😀


Purple Irises


Hello everyone!

This is the second painting I painted over the weekend.

Material used are – Prima Watercolors, Bee Paper and Raphael Brush. If you want to see a process video, just click here.

I added a couple of flowers after the video recording as it was looking empty and imbalanced. You will see the difference in the video. It was a super quick painting, I thought I have missed some details of flowers but then looking at completed painting it was still looking refreshing. What do you think 🤔 ?

Thank you for visiting my blog.

How to paint Cactus 🌵

watercolor cactus

Nowadays I’m feeling like painting in loose and wet on wet style. If you ask me – I would say I’m absolutelyenjoying it.
In this painting I wanted to focus only a particular part of cactus. So I tried to keep particular part in highlight and rest of the parts blended with background. This way it helps to differentiate foreground and background. Recently I have started recording a complete time-lapse videos of painting.
As I mentioned in earlier post, I’m not using any fancy tools or equipments to record the videos. But you can see the process easily. Here is a separate page on my blog, where you can get directed to particular video. I would love to hear your comments or suggestions on the same.