I had a couple of left over blank papers so I decided to make something useful out of it. Now a days I’m reading paper books and needed a bookmark so I created these two.

Hope you like it too. Thank you for visiting.




Yeah it seems like, I really enjoy painting magnolias. This is the fourth one. You can see earlier here.  This one I started with pencil drawing then added light, mid and dark layers. You can see the progress photos below.

This beautiful magnolias are inspired by the photo of Wendy Sinclair. Thanks Wendy for such a great reference photo.

I’m pretty much happy with the results. I think it’s my recent favorite. I’ll frame this one too. What about you? Did you enjoy looking at this one?  Happy Monday! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


Thank you for visiting. 🙂

Christmas Decorations 🎄

Now a days everyone is busy preparing for Christmas season. I always adore Christmas decorations and celebrations since childhood but never got a chance to personally involve. Most of the patios in our community are ready with colorful lights and beautiful Christmas ornaments. Every evening I so enjoy looking at the beautiful decorations.

In our culture we too have a festival of lights also known as Diwali. You can read more over here. Since past few years we are in States I enjoy this Christmas season abundantly.    I decided to decorate my own painted Christmas tree 🎄, here is my virtually decorated tree on Instagram. 😉  😀

May be next year I’ll get my own tree. You can see more Instagram posts and daily paintings @artbysnehal 

Would love to know about yours Christmas preparations. I’ll be happy if your share with me. Thank you for stopping by. Happy Weekend.

Colorful Veggies 🍆🍇🍅🥕🌶🍋🥑🥒


I’m still decorating new apartment. That day I was doing dishes and wall in-front of me was looking too blank. So I decided to make a vegetable poster. To make it look colorful, I laid it out all the veggies in a way from purple to green color gradient.


I have used 140 lb cold press paper and mission gold colors for this illustration.

I think it’s the right place to put this poster over there, what do you say?


My first online shop 🛍


Past couple of months, when I was working in India, after office I used to spend an hour or two for this activity. After 2 months of hard work and dedication,  I’m so pleased to announce the launch of my online Shop.

The URL is There are some exciting discounts going on, please do visit and explore the shop.

Here is a glimpse of the products.

I hope you will enjoy it. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please send them to my way.

💐 R.I.P. Father 🙏🏼 💐


You guys must be wondering that I’m away from blog for such a long time. Almost 5 months that too without informing. It’s not planned – It was due to unforeseen circumstances.
Most of you know that we moved to India in June. I was so happy that I met my parents after 3 years. In August my elder Aunt passed away with cancer, within 20 days my Father passed away with severe heart attack. It was really difficult time. It was the biggest shock of my life. Nothing prepared me for it.
I never imagined life without my father. Though I was in US past 3 years, I used to call him every single day to share daily updates. Also I used to send him a photo of my each and every painting. If I made any new dishes I used to take a photograph to share with him. He has always been proud of his family.
As they say Why daughters love their dad most – that was a special bond – father and daughter. Nobody will ever replace you in my heart. There are not enough words that I can say to describe how important my father was to me. I will miss you dad as long as I live. Thank you dad for everything  🙏🏼
I painted this illustration to pay a tribute to my father. I know he would have loved it.
By the way, last week we moved back to US for good. We are still setting up a new apartment. There are couple more exciting things I have to share with you all, so stay connected.

Hello from India 💁🏻


It’s been almost two months now, I was away from my blog.

As most of you know that I’ve moved to India in June. The transition was pretty hectic but I would say it was a great experience.

Coming back to India was a surprise to our family and friends. Oh My Gosh! Don’t ask about the reactions, people were overjoyed to see us here, for a moment they couldn’t believe that we are here with them.

Some of them started crying with happiness, everyone was so happy to see us.

In a couple of days of our arrival, I came to know that my school friend is getting married on 30 Jun. Three of us got married in last few years and she was the last member of our group who was getting married now. She was continuously messaging me requesting ‘Please try to attend my wedding, please come’. I said I’ll join you guys on Skype 😀 She was like you are not my best friend and all sentimental dialogues 😀 In any case I don’t wanted to give her an indications that I’m here in India.

On her Mehendi Ceremony I visited her place and she was like Oh My God! I can’t believe you are actually here, we both stated crying LoL 😂  She said it’s a biggest unexpected surprise, made her super happy!

This was one of the many reactions, I have a collections of golden memories with me.

Most of you were eager to know about it so thought to share with you guys.

Anyways apart from that I joined a reputed MNC as UX Consultant, now my day is all occupied with routine activities. Found it difficult to take out some free time for my artwork. Yesterday I opened my art material bag and painted this quick illustration.

It took us almost three- four weeks to settle down. I would say we are still settling down.

Hope you guys are doing well. Thank for stopping by. Peace ✌🏼