Bird Day-Lady Cardinal


This Pretty in Pink a beautiful photo from Kathy (Backyard Bird Nerd) made my heart happy! Many Thanks Kathy for such an incredible click! I couldn’t resist to paint it. It’s just perfect for my painting, from long time I wanted to try a negative painting and here it is.

Here is my Lady Cardinal for this month’s Draw A Bird Day! Would like to Thanks Laura at (Create Art Everyday) for her initiative and enthusiasm to continue the DABD and Thanks to Nina, Kerfe at (methodtwoqadness) for hosting past few months. 🙂

It took me a good amount of time to complete this paining as I was working on my design portfolio so couldn’t give much time but finally I called it done!

Before starting this paining I considered few things like how much leaves I need to draw, colors for background, golden point in paining etc.

Very first I started with pencil drawing which I outlined by 0.5 Micron so that I could erase unnecessary pencil strokes. After that I masked flowers and few leaves but then I realized leaves are quite big in shapes so I don’t need to mask them so I skipped leaves and started with background coating. For background I wanted to make it bluish-green so that leaves will come up. So used WN cerulean blue + ultramarine blue + ivory black + burnt sienna + yellow ochre colors. Then added second darker layer.

Completed branches and started with leaves. Leaves took me much time as I need to follow the same colors, light, shadow to all the leaves. For leaves i users sakura koi olive-green + permanent green deep along with WN colors.

After that I unmasked flowers and started with WN alzheimer crimson + cadmium red. I don’t wanted to give too much importance to flowers otherwise bird would have loose the focal point, so I just did it as a suggestive form.

Finally I started with this pretty lady cardinal 🙂 but then I realized I’ll need little more contrast to make it stand out so added little dark to background and It’s Done!

Hope this description will help you, here you can see step by step visual progress. (click a photo for a larger view)

Thank you for visiting, have a great Sunday!


37 thoughts on “Bird Day-Lady Cardinal

  1. Beautiful painting, it reminds me of a famous ( local ) artist, his work sells for amounts I would dream of 😀 Snehal do you have a follow by email button so I can see what you are Upto, I don’t get time to look on the WordPress app, so emails I find keep me better updated 😀

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