Gorgeous Pink – 80/100


This pretty rose is inspired by the photo my uncle sent me from India. It’s from our terrace garden. It was so lovely so I couldn’t resist to paint πŸ˜€
This one I don’t wanted to do it in loose or my regular style. I decided to paint it in a realistic style. It took me for a while but at the end I was pleased with the outcome.
I started this painting in the morning, took some break between and continued in the late evening. Below are some work in progress photographs. Which might help you to understand the process. As you can see the yellow light in the last few stages πŸ˜‰ So finally added background in the morning. It was a wise choice that I added a little bit of background. What do you say? Β 


You can suggest me a Title if you have anything in mind! Thank you for visiting.


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