New Art Material- Prima Watercolors

Happy Sunday everyone! This is my very first set of Prima Watercolor Confections! 😍 I painted this little birdie with classic palette.

You can see unboxing video on my Instagram. I have also posted work in progress time-lapse video here. First thing is I love the metal tin and the mixing spaces. In this video, you can see tin opened completely. Back of the lid, there are two large wells for mixing larger amount of color. The lower panel has four smaller wells, which can be easily fold. There are 12 colors in the set. I really liked Sky Blue, Dark blue and Purple. Gray is absolutely fantastic. Overall, the colors are pretty vibrant. I’ve enjoyed working with them. Really excited to paint more with rest of the colors 🎨 😀

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🎉Happy Third Blogversary🎉


I completed three years on WordPress with my amazing fellow artists friends and followers. I had started the year with #100daysofpainting project you can have a look over here. Then moved to India and again came back to USA. Faced so many ups and downs this year. Took a break in between but now I’m back 😊

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support, enormous encouragement and love for my artwork. I have a plan of creating more and more art in future. Would love to see you along with me in my art journey.

Thank you for stopping. Hope your weekend will be as colorful as these hydrangeas 💐 happy weekend.

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I think this is the first car illustration I have done in watercolor. Though it took me a while to finish this painting, I am quite happy with how it turned out. You can see the progress photos for reference.

I found it challenging to paint the entire subject in black or I would say I enjoy more with colorful flowers 😉 The one most important difference between painting natural subjects like flowers and painting man-made objects like car is the precise shapes. For eg. you can play with the shape of flowers but you can’t with the car tiers or aesthetic.

Material used – Bee Watercolor Paper, Mijello Mission Gold colors and Escoda brush.

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Galapagos Penguin 🐧

The Galápagos penguin is the only species found north of the equator and in the Galápagos. They are the smallest of the banded penguins, and apparently they have no subspecies. It can survive due to the cool temperatures resulting from the Humboldt Current and cool waters from great depths brought up by the Cromwell Current.

This is my entry for an art contest on Instagram, wonderful initiative to paint critically Endangered birds. I have posted two work in progress video clips of the same painting on Instagram. You can see them here.

Material used – Canson 140 lb cold press paper and Mijello Mission Gold colors.

Ohh! by the way I just remembered, I haven’t shared with my WordPress friends that from the beginning of New year, I started posting a Free Mobile Wallpaper on my Instagram story. You can get a free watercolor wallpaper painted by me on every alternative Monday. Just hop on to my Instagram art account @artbysnehal

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