Succulent arrangement


Here is my first attempt at painting succulents. As the progress photos show, I started drawing with Micron pen and then moved to painting. I pretty much liked the colors. 🙂 🙂


Pink Purple Flowers

I painted these flowers over this weekend. Enjoyed painting these loose flowers. I directly started with paint and skipped pencil drawing stage. I have shared the process video clips on my Instagram @artbysnehal. You can see them here.

Material used – Bee Paper and Mission Gold Colors.

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Goldfinch in the meadow

Painting background was a challenge in this one. Bg colors are so bright and vibrant, to make that yellow little birdie stand out from background was another challenge. Somehow I managed it for now but I think I might need to give it a try again in near future with different painting style.

I have used Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors and Arches 140 lb cold press watercolor paper. You can see some pro images below.

This beautiful reference picture is from


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I was just wanted to paint a single feather for fun, you can see the time-lapse video here. But when I was done with the Pink – Purple feather I just realized that rest of the white blank paper is begging for some color 😀 so here it is colorful feathers all over the page.

One thing led to another, is this happens with you too?

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Brush pen roses

Today I went to public library. I took brush pen and WN color palette 🎨 with me. Got bored of reading so painted these roses quickly.

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